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Therefore let all the faithful pray to you
while you may be found;
surely the rising of the mighty waters
will not reach them.

photo credit: funkyfaithgirl.com

I realize in order to remain sufficient in Christ, and to allow the Holy Spirit to convict and guide me.  I must die daily! Sometimes this flesh don’t want to die, but I command it to die because my Lord, Jesus Christ is the head of my life. Each day I must wake up on God’s side by being loving in my words, and actions.  Sometimes it can become difficult. Especially, when surrounded by negative people, or those who just live with no purpose whatsoever. Or those you make time for, but they put you on the back burner until it’s convenient for them.  Like do you seek God each day? Or do you hope that your Sunday praises carry you through the whole week?

Do you pay attention to the small intimate details in your life? Like your son who takes his first steps, or does his first drawing. What kind of story does the picture tell? Did he draw a gun? Did he draw you, and him at the park? What about your daughter who draws a little girl wearing ballerina shoes? Perhaps she is telling you she wants to be a dancer one day. What about the spouse who can’t wait to unite with his family as soon as he leaves work? He cherishes the value of time spent with family, over the worldly things or sports with the guys. Or the friend who has five children, a husband and a whole lot of work to do for God, but always makes you feel important? Don’t forget the wife who labors all day with a smile on her face.

Have you visited your mother, and noticed all the wrinkles that weren’t there before? How about how she walks everyday just a little more slow? Maybe it’s a sign that she won’t be around anymore. So take her some flowers, and sit by her side. Trust me it’s better than standing over her casket when she dies. Trust me I know my mother was gone at the age of forty, right before my eyes. I was just 21 and somehow felt like I died. I did because I just gave all those emotions to God!

We must die daily, I’m talking about this flesh, and allow God to do what He does best! Open your heart while keeping your eyes on God, if you ask me that’s the best part. Having a relationship with a King…whew just thinking about Him makes my heart sings. I’m truly blessed, blessed indeed! It’s because I seek and live His word even when I fail because my Christian friends, I don’t want to go to hell.

So give your problems to God each day, if you don’t they will create unpleasing things in the sight of God. But there is forgiveness after repenting. Don’t wait to its to late. Pay attention to the small intricate details of the small blessings that are the most meaningful ones. Family…Friends and Faith! What does these three words mean to you? Die Daily and let God in each day! If you do this it will keep you safe.

We must spend time with Him daily. I have to say, I’m a busy little bee for God’s kingdom. Yet, I have those who wants me to make time for them constantly, but they never have time for me. I prayed on this, and God word says He gives each of us equal time daily until we are called before Him on Judgment Day! We all get 24 hours a day. Yet, people say they don’t have time. People make time for who they feel are important, or what they feel is more important. What could be more important than showing love for one another? If someone thought you were important enough for them to call….be important and answer their love for you.

We spend time doing what pleases flesh. No matter how busy I think I am, I always make time for other this include YOU! You are God’s daughters and sons. I’m a servant to you too. So the next time you tell your friend or spouse, I’m busy combing my hair, or I’m going to watch the basketball game! Then it’s clear they, or you decided to do what you felt was more important! Isn’t that how it works with God too? We make time for other things that don’t include spending time with Him? What happens when you need that person, and they are to busy for you? Make time for the intimate small details in your life.

How can we keep Satan under our feet when we don’t spend time with God? God must be present daily to deal with the devil. I pray this reaches your heart in love and truth. Personally, I get disappointed that others think their time is more valuable than mine. God says we are equal. Some do it just out of spite or just being selfish. That’s not love Christians. So I pray for them and spend even more time with God so I don’t become bitter, or consumed by their lack of love towards me. That’s why I must die daily. God is the head and not the feet, which means He is leading the way not following you around.

Shenine – A Woman After God’s Own Heart