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photo credit:teawithtiffany.com

Thank you Lord, for whatever today may bring.  For as long as you’re with me I can get through it.

Thank you Lord, for giving me another breath to praise your Holy name.

Thank you for the small blessings that can be overlooked in our busyness.

Thank you Lord, for giving me a heart to give to others, which exemplifies your character of a true servant.

A cheerful servant who shares what little she has, and does not wait for the big blessings to give to others.

As I remember the words spoken from my grandmother, “close hands cannot give or receive,

and a closed heart cannot give or receive love!”

I thank you Lord, for whatever the day may bring because as long as you’re in front of me

and I’m following you, I will get through today, and all that it brings.

Thank you because you are so worthy of the praises. When you bless me, I want to continue

to bless others because it is such a JOY to put your imprint upon others heart.

Living each day is not for our pleasure, but to become one with our sisters and brothers

even when they look different, act different or have different values. Your love is unconditional!

We are here to love not only those who love us back, but most importantly, to love those who don’t show love.