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photo credit: dianeguthmueller.com

Sometimes this world seems to be so big. Can you imagine the thousand of prayers that go up each day; from all over the world? You ever wonder if your prayers are lost, or even make it up to Heaven? Do you sometimes think someone else prayers supersedes yours? Do you feel lost, or like you don’t belong? I’m sure we all at some point felt this way, but I say to you don’t. Because God does hear our prayers. He waits each and everyday to hear from you. Even your thoughts speaks to Him. Your tear speaks to Him. Your actions speak to Him. You matter because He says you do, not because anyone else says so.

Do you believe this, not because I’m telling you, but because He said it. I’m reminding you of His love for you, and me. How awesome to have His love. So in my darkest, weakest moments I look to Him, and I cry out to Him like it was nobody’s business, but ours.  He is my purpose, and I’m lost without Him. I’m empty without Him. I’m nothing without Him. That’s truth no matter which way you add, or divide it. Just don’t subtract Him because I need Him.

There is enough of His love for all of us to partake, and be whole and fulfilled. His love is not phony, or based on what you can give materially. People only stick around for what you can do for them. They will replace you like yesterday’s newspaper, but Christ is the same. He is not spiteful, or wish washy. He doesn’t make false promises to you. Spending alone time with Him has its rewards. I have found Peace, and the Joy of the Lord to be one. Just feeling complete, or simply comforted by Him. I’m standing on His word, because I don’t trust anyone else with my soul!


Blessings to you