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We often take so much for granted. We complain about what we don’t have compared to what others do have. But sometimes our greatest gifts are staring us in the face. Let me start by sharing my gripes which turned into my blessings.

I’m a veteran of eleven years of service to my country. It ended based on either me being fully there for my children, or staying in the military (deploying), and leaving them for long periods with no family members that were capable to care for them. So maybe you perhaps see your small blessing already? You may have a mother, sister, or family member who you can depend on for long periods of time. I don’t, and still don’t. But we have God, and each other, that’s more than what most have.

My mother deceased when I was 21 years old, and she never got to see her first grandchild. You may see another blessing here because you had the love and support of extended family when your love one was born. My grandmother is deceased too. My husband parents are in their seventies, so you see, I had to make a decision with my husband. So he stayed in and retired early, and I became stay at home MOM! Whew who ! So I chose to give up my career for my children. Was it hard? God Yes. Usually doing the right thing is. I’m still adjusting to the changes. But with God, it’s been possible, and rewarding. I get to be with my children each day, and attend their school functions. I get to care for them when they are sick. How priceless because eventually they will be gone, and I won’t have no regrets.  I know everyone can’t afford to sit home, but when you are make it count!

Someone’s child is fighting cancer, but your little one is healthy. Someone just buried their child, yet you lay cuddle with yours. Someone lives in quiet dismay, but you have music of laughter of your little ones. We complain about the little nothings. Someone is homeless, yet we are out shopping for a new bed, or new curtains to place upon the windows. A homeless child, or adult only sees the outside of a window, and wish. We like to call it window shopping.

I was able to prepare a meal for my family. What a blessing! I have my health, and my husband and children has their health. Please don’t take for granted the small things in front of you. God has placed me on another journey. I have always wanted to have my own store. God has allowed me to start my online store, and later I believe I will have my storefront from God. It is a process that takes time, patience, trust, and faith. Oh, and lots of praying for the courage to just step out of fear, and walk into faith. My online store is Timeless Treasures Forever. I ask that you keep me in prayer, and that you support me by simply just encouraging me.

We have power to uplift, encourage and build others through prayer. I will let you know when its online. But believe, and reach for your dreams. Most importantly, give each day what little you have because it is then you realize what you have is in the abundance. It has not been an easy journey for me, but I’m here. So put on your big girl pants, and big boy pants, and put your bible in your front pocket (so it can lead you), and stop complaining. Look around today, and count the small blessings you have before you.

Cherish your children, and make time for them (not excuses). I look ahead and realize I gained the blessing of meeting you all, and sharing my heart. I hope I’m making a difference by writing these post through the Holy Spirit  to encourage you. I hope I’m changing a life somewhere in this big universe. I love you with the hope of knowing I have touched you in some form. I know you all touch me, but most importantly, you gave me hope and a place to come and share. An outlet to vent because sitting at home was very difficult and lonely, but not anymore because of you!