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As I sit in awe, and think of just how blessed I am, I become overjoyed! This journey has just begun, and I look forward to the spiritual growth ahead. There are many lessons to be learned. I had spoken to you all, sometime not long ago of me stepping out on faith, and pursuing my vision to owning my own store. As you know we must take baby steps first, so I started with an online store. This is where God says, growth will take place while preparing me for bigger visions.

This has been true labor, which has instilled patience, and a commitment  to trust God fully, with what He has instilled in me TAGS (Talents, Abilities, Gifts, and skills) . We all have them! Though I was somewhat reserved about moving forward, I thank God I did. Sometimes you have to put the world distractions and confusion of others aside. As I was designing the site I was allowing my love for God, and my passion for creating beautiful things to flow like a waterfall with no boundaries! I took time away from the confusion, and opinions of others that could become a hinderance.

It was just me, God, and Faith. I had to step into my blessings. My hope was still much alive though it had faded over the years. Sometimes I felt like giving up. That dreams and visions was for people bigger than me.  That’s what the enemy was whispering in my ear, but I always returned to the cross for repentance of not trusting God, my Heavenly Father. For allowing my faith to be tampered with. But I made up my heart to put on my shoes of faith and stay put through snow, rain, and sunshine!

I was able to keep God in front of me every step of the way.  When I felt like giving up, God would carry me and redirect me back on the right path. Many will come and try to deter you, and find little faults, but my God says, I am fearfully, and wonderfully made.  That I can do all things through Him.  I have been busy with designing bouquets which symbolize unity, where God joins man, and woman in a Holy union. I make ring pillows, which carries the rings, symbolizing an eternal bond. There will be prayer pillows to share a prayer, and send to someone for encouragement. Most importantly, I wanted to be Love in action, so I designed t-shirts that voice change, while encouraging too.

I asked that you stop by, and see how awesome my God is. Please be encouraged and remember never give up on your vision, even when you feel alone or scared. God  is with us every step of the way. God is not done with me yet. There’s still much to be added, but one day at a time.

My Shoes of Faith

sliding in and out

believing today

unbelieving the next

became such a dreary fate

hands in the air of

what’s to be

or become of me

fear knocking at my back door

while trying to peek into the window of my soul

I remember the cross

which made me whole

I slide back into my shoes

and become still

giving all my fears and worries

to my Master’s will.

All distractions become my past

as I surrender, my

faith is alive once again,

but this time I choose to

stay put, and walk in it, even in my storms

I see the gates of Heaven open

up inside of me. I think

what could this be?

Answer: It the Lord’s Peace

growing on the inside

and blooming on the outside

for all to see, share, and embrace.

See how awesome our God is when we trust in Him, by walking in faith

even when the ground beneath us is shaky. This was such a big leap of Faith for me.

Please stop by and visit : http://www.timelesstreasuresstore.com

Shenine- A Woman After God’s Own Heart