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photo credit: joemartinfitness.com

Thank you Jesus! Mighty is our God and His works. I want to encourage you today to not give thought to those who criticize you, those who don’t give you credit where credit is due. I realize you can try to meet other people approval, but always seem to fail. Let me give you some spiritual advice. Don’t entertain Negative people. Pray for them!

Sometimes you have to loose (cut-off) those negative friendships, and relationships that always looking to critique you, or looking for a free handout. Some people will never realize your worth. Don’t waste your time with negative people. I have learned not to waste my time getting approval, seeking others opinions of me. Small-minded people are always belittling you, or finding fault. Oh, or trying to make you jealous or feel inadequate!

Many would not be happy with your blessings from God. Some will just need to know details just to belittle you, or find fault. When someone is jealous or trying to hinder me, I open my wings and soar even higher. Distractions are for the pigeons, and Determination is for the Eagles!  I’m an Eagle! Don’t let anyone steal your joy. Some people pretend to support you in words, but with no action behind it. They smile in your face, while hardening their hearts .

They cannot be Happy for you, or with you because they Hating!

I’m celebrating my gifts, and found that God is sending the people who are supposed to be in my circle, and uplift my gifts from God. They know my worth. I had to distant, and loose those who were draining me. God is the head of my life, and I say to you don’t let nose pickers move you astray, down the wrong path. Some people will never like you, no matter what you do.

I don’t focus on anyone or anything, anymore because you will be depressed and drained. This is for someone who feel like they must reap other’s approval, or buy friendship. I say let go, and let God. When you spend time trying to win relationships, there is a hidden message in it. ” Some people never liked you, and never will because they don’t like themselves”. Still be kind to them but at a distant.

I have had many who call themselves friends, and suppose to be supporters, but when you stay before God, He will show you that they are not for you.  I don’t sit anymore questioning why this person didn’t call, or why this person lied. Or better yet they make up stuff.  Some people believe they are the it factor. There are manipulators, and people who envy where you are.

So you must be doing something right because you are out front. When you step into your blessings, then know the critics, and jealous, small minded people are on their way. Don’t worry about nobody, who wants to steal your joy. If you don’t entertain them, then they won’t.

Some people are phony, and not authentic. So put your energy in God’s purpose for you. Some people are materialistic, and don’t know your worth. The more people talk about me, the more God is blessing me. I allow God to fight my battles now.

So what if no one follows your blog, so what if no one celebrates your birthday, so what if no one supports your dreams, or the cause you believe in.  I celebrated the launching of my business with God! Because there are many who thought I was lying about the business because it didn’t happen on their time schedule. Now they shocked!

If God told you He would heal you and He does six months later. Then you shouldn’t be shocked, but praising Him would be expected. Shock is for people who thought you would never rise to the occasion. Shock is for someone who didn’t believe God would heal them. When you believe it’s called Faith.  You don’t know when, or how. You just know.

If you have God then you have all the support you need. Some people will think you think you are all that. Well, you are if you are in Christ! He is the best at what He does.

I’m celebrating today, tomorrow, today, tomorrow like it’s nobody business.

Storms will come, but I will be in the EYE of the storm where there is Peace.

To the so call friends, just because I’m kind, and don’t throw stones doesn’t mean I don’t know the true you! I bless my enemies, and my so call friends, because I don’t have time to be a hater when I got all this love around me and in me. I love Jesus, and I decided long ago that Christ had to fix my heart, and bitterness is not authorized in this temple. So why would I waste time fixing you, or anybody else for that matter? Why waste time pointing your wrongs when I’m working on mine?

Small-minded people will destroy you and drain the life out of you. Be happy with the YOU, that God created! I will wait on the Lord!

God is my new best friend, and I tell Him everything good, or bad. Why? Because He trust me to tell Him, even though I know He knows.  It’s called confessing, communicating with the Holy One!


A Woman After God’s Own Heart