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Many times we pray without Faith. We have Faith, but no action.  We say we love, but with no fellowship, or ministering to others. It amazes me that we say we want to be loved, but when someone shows it, then you ask, “what’s their agenda?” Or those who act like strangers to you the next day. I have had many who keep tabs by making it known or bringing it to my attention if I remembered their special day. But they have never gave attention to me in the smallest form.

It’s okay by me because my relationships is based on loving those who don’t, can’t, or won’t love themselves. So how can you expect them to love you? We have become so selfish in our ways by praying, or showing off for others to see. This is not what we are taught.  We are taught to pray in private, and build a relationship with Christ. When we pray as a group, we pray together. This sets the foundation of sharing the great news of God’s works in our lives and others. Loving the unloving, or unstable emotional person.

We began to become on one accord in His name not ours. We live His way, not ours!

God has begun to deal with me on my sins that I need help with, but because I reach out and I’m honest of how other make me feel, even when I’m loving them as He commands…It hurts to have others pretend to love you, but God love is stronger and endurable. So now I can breathe and love you no matter what you throw at me or against me. Why because I’m learning scriptures to help me rebuke things not of God.

Just what is the motive behind each step we take? Is it for self or God’s Glory! Are you being active in your gifts or inactive? Prayer, Faith, and Action has to work together. What does your calendar, and checkbook look like? Examine them closely, for they will tell you where your time, money, and energy is going. What does it show for God?

Some of you say you’re Christian, but when you are told I love you, you feel out-of-place, awkward as if you wasn’t expecting those words from that particular person. You think, I don’t know him, or her like that. That is awkward. Well, God does the unexpected, and remember you are tested at all times. Love just does. When you think about it to long then perhaps there are other motives.

Jesus should and is our motivation to pray. Jesus believed prayer works. Don’t pray for worldly things alone. It’s okay to ask for things, but have a relationship, with Him and He will give you the desires of your heart according to His plan and will. Jesus still prays for us at this very moment!

Scriptures for reference:

Mark 9:28-29

Mark 11:24

John 14:13-14