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Hi beautiful hearts in Christ. The true Christian knows that God is a provider, healer, comforter, protector, and Savior! We also know we must trust Him even in the unknown, and the impossible to man.

My plate has been full, but not overloaded. Why? Because I know I must release my heavy loads before they overwhelm me, and cause me to lose faith.  God says, I’m not alone. This is where you all come in. You are my sisters and brothers in Christ.  So I’m asking all who love Christ to pray for my mother in law who has to have open heart surgery this Thursday. Her name is Jessie Wiggs.  Her main artery is 95% blocked, and the other two is 75% blocked. She has renal failure in her liver, stage 4.

Only God knows the end result, but our prayers are heard by Him, as we seek healing for our sisters and brothers in Christ! Whatever, God will is I know He has our best interest at all times, no matter how uncomfortable it may be. I ask for sincere prayers from those who believe in the unknown, and the unseen. I believe in miracles, but most importantly, I believe God loves us unconditionally.


A Woman After God’s Own Heart