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As some of you may know it has been a difficult journey of stepping out on Faith and putting fear of the unknown under my feet. When God gives you direction, and equip you with the necessary tools to accomplish your vision, move forward! His purpose is so surreal and it feels great!

Its been over a year since I had this vision, but like I said I struggled with it. But you can’t worry what others will say, or if they will agree or even support you. You can’t worry if you will fail because if you think you will then you have already been defeated!Because when you have God and you surrender, serve, and is obedient to His laws; then you are fully equipped with all you need! HE IS SUFFICIENT!

I launched my online store over two weeks ago. I designed the website based on God’s provisions. Some don’t like scriptures on a site, but I can’t deny God in any form for a dollar. Because this vision is my passion. Some may not support it because they didn’t believe it would manifest, but when God equips you then He will take you to higher ground. Just make sure He is the head of your life, and not the tail.

I just thank Him, even though I don’t know the end result, I trust Him. He is opening doors more than I deserve. So I’m humble and grateful for this opportunity to touch others through my TAGS (talents, abilities, gifts, and skills). I’m inviting you to fellowship with me by sharing the good news of Christ!

I have designed the website personally, and created each item. There was times I wanted to give up, but Faith saved me by far. Stop by and see how God has guided me every step. Never give up on your passion! Never stop believing in God!

Welcome as Timeless Treasures Forever welcomes you.

Visit: timelesstreasuresstore.com

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