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I have been really reaching out to God this past two weeks. It seem like so many things were going right and wrong all at once. My anniversary was right around the corner, and I had my children birthdays to celebrate and cherish with my little ones. My mother-in-law had to have open heart surgery the day before my anniversary.

Along the way I was dealing with my heart of what can I do to get the word of the Gospel out to others more?  Is my work sufficient for Christ if I was to leave earth.  But, that wasn’t enough either, I had acquaintances, and friends experiencing their difficult times too, among other things. Having prayer with my Pastor and other members helped a lot!

I decided true happiness is submission to God wholeheartedly!

You can control your thoughts, actions, and words but not others. So use your time to serve God, and mouth to praise Him. Keep the temple at peace so you can hear God’s direction for you. Silence the world of chaos, distractions and negativity!

I decided that we would still enjoy our 10 year anniversary even during our difficult times. If we can praise God in the summer, surely, we could praise Him in the winter months. We just have to snuggle closer, and keep each other warm and comforted. That’s what we suppose to do as Christians. Yet, I found that no matter during your darkest times how much love you try to show others; some will not accept it. Others will water it down.

I have found no matter how much I try, my best is just not good enough for some.  I have found others since my business launched, being very distant and very moody. Some who would go out their way to hurt you by masking it . I have always balanced and try to love others the way God commands. But sometimes our best isn’t good enough for others and never will be. Have you felt this way?

Someone hurt me but God released it through my prayer of trusting Him and giving it to Him right away. Never retaliate in hate or bitterness, but continue to show love through prayer.

So my solution is this: when you have done your best be it on a job, relationship, or friendship and you still are treated like an outcast then move on where you are appreciated more. God doesn’t say stick around, and be abused or used because then you will be unable to help others. Some people put others on a pedestal and will treat you like leftovers.

It may hurt but know your worth as a child of God. I have been praying and thanking Him in all my tears because my breakthrough is here my friends. My best is good enough for God. My phone call may go unanswered, my love watered down by others, but God has a greater plan for me. You just watch and see.

Stay in character, but not in the center of negative people. Pray for them.


A Woman After God’s Promises!