Timeless Treasures Forever


photo credit: timelesstreasuresstore.com

Somehow today, many separate Christ from their everyday activities and way of living. They only visit Him on Sundays, and pray when in trouble, but I don’t see me living without Him. My business is Christ, and my everyday activities starts with Him, and ends with Him. I can do nothing without Christ. He is my purpose, passion, plan, and the reason for my mere existence.

His laying His life down for me is not even capable of being expressed in words, but in action. As He blesses me, I strive to give back to Him. How do I do this? By loving others, and placing their interest in my heart. By not being selfish, or self-centered. Consistently, loving the difficult hearts, no matter what. As I started and launched my online store, I vowed to inspire, encourage, and share my love for God through my TAGS (talents…

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