Reality Of Christ


This picture inspires me. At first glance it seems to be a simple weed budding in-between the concrete, a nuisance that should be plucked. But once you consider how much effort it took that flower to cultivate in such a peculiar place, it becomes all the more intriguing. There was just enough room in the crack of the pavement for one little blossom to bloom and when it arose, it fashioned itself into a masterpiece. It took that unsightly concrete, which would have otherwise been unworthy of a photo, and made it into an elegant beauty.

Like this flower we too can turn our horrible situations, surroundings, and circumstances into an elegant beauty. Many times we find ourselves providentially planted where we would rather not be. Better yet, planted in situations that we would rather not be surrounded with. For example an irate boss who just picks at you week…

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