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Prayers & Scriptures

photo credit: pinterest.com

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

Communicating with God is vital. Read the scripture until God pours into you. He will respond back to you. Just become still and listen. Never give up and say you don’t understand. He is not to be understood, because His ways are not ours. We are to love one another, and be obedient.  Pray about everything. There is no dumb prayer to God. You don’t need eloquent words to impress a omniopressant God.

Sometimes God gets quiet, and we believe He has abandoned us. Not so! Sometimes He gets tired of repeating Himself. You know how He says, “go left”, and you go right?” Sometimes you we do too much talking and He is waiting for us to become still so He can give direction. Then there are those prayers, that are not in season to be released according to His will.  Even when you mess up, He is still waiting to communicate with you, and forgive you. So be patient, pray and digest scripture.

Writing scriptures is awesome, but retaining them in our hearts is beautiful and prove to be more useful in our life journey! Replenish your vessel with the word so it doesn’t become vulnerable to the world!

Thank you, for stopping by and remember the beat of your heart in alignment with His is real music.