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My God is awesome, he can move mountains….command and part the seas

Has God been awesome to you? Sing with me

He is awesome

He is mighty

He is worthy

He is greater

Yes, He is holy and Magnificent!

Provider of our daily needs.

Glory to you Heavenly Father. Giving Him praises this morning like it’s everybody’s business and it is and should be! Getting my clean on in the inside of my home, my temple, and my heart. I’m crying out, praising Him in tears of Joy for just being His daughter. For His presence in my life, and His protection over my husband, children, and friends. Oh my God you’re awesome. Awesome Jesus! Awesome God! Awesome Lord! Awesome Savior! Awesome Comforter! Awesome Creator! Awesome Provider!

How can He not be part of my business? He is my reason for breathing, my reason for sharing His word today, He is the reason I have food on the table before my family. He is the reason the table sits under a roof, He is the reason the money hits the account to pay for the roof over the table that provides food for my family. He is the reason I have children because it is HE that blessed my womb.

Jehovah my Provider, you are my everything.

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome, in every way.