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photo credit: pinterest.com

Who said you need permission to bloom, or there’s no room for you? I believe God has created us to read His word, study and digest it. Then to act upon His promises to us, which means action. That action requires putting one foot forward in believing what He said, and activating FAITH. Have you tried to bloom, or thought about it over and over, but never put forth the effort?


Have you been told you would never bloom, or amount to anything?

Maybe you were told in a foreign language. Does this sounds familiar, BLACK SHEEP?

Perhaps fear of failure crept in and stole your Faith, before you could begin.  Sometimes Failure is those friends, and family members who suppose to support and encourage you, but actually are the ones that give you reasons not to move forward in life.

Tell the Devil Fear is not of GOD!

Speak boldly with confidence and say, I’m a flower waiting and ready to bloom for the Kingdom of God, and a FLOWER don’t need permission to bloom, it just does. A flower knows in the winter to hibernate and gather nutrients. In the spring it starts developing it’s stem and then one petal or leaf forms one by one.

Summer shows up (the light) and it blooms for all to see, embrace, and enjoy. Some flowers are meant to stand still in its environment for all to admire. Some flowers are cut and moved to another location for someone else to enjoy. Some flowers never bloom because of improper or lack of nutrients. Then we have the flowers that are stumped on, pulled and thrown away because they weren’t cherished for their beauty.

Have you ever been done this way? Can you relate?

If sit and put forth no works, labor, or action then you can’t bloom, but wither. Know your season to bloom, but a flower is always in action, even before it’s seen. So bloom little flower of God, for all to see His Glory!

Maybe you’re an annual flower, who has been in the same place for so long, nobody sees you. Or you could be a perennial that blooms for a certain period of time.


photo credit: Shenine Wiggs

But in the end you’re suppose to BLOOM, no matter what flower type you’re!