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And the truth shall set you free...

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When we serve God, we make a choice to do things His way, and not ours. So then we know that God don’t love temporary, even we decide not to serve Him, or serve Him once a week on Sundays. You know we dress up and carry our bible and look all HOLY, and the words become foreign to us.

We leave service early by giving God the finger….(that’s where one finger goes up and we have somewhere else to be more important). Yes, that’s what it comes down to, tell the truth. What could be more important than fellowship, and hearing the word? We have a choice to serve God wholeheartedly. From beginning to end. So we must love others the same. If you would half step others, then you will do the same too God.

God says:


Reading scripture is not just reading and closing the bible. Again we have a choice to sin, or a choice to serve. We have a choice to pray, instead of pretending. A choice to be saved and not sin. A choice to love and not hate. A choice to embrace, instead of judging. A choice to share God’s word, and not be ashamed. A choice to be pure, instead of fornication. A choice to be married, and not commit adultery. Choice to ask for our needs, and not steal from your brother. Choice to praise Him, and not throw a pity party. A choice to sip on a cup of Christ, instead of a cup of coffee.

A choice to share the word of God, instead of gossiping about your brother or sister in a negative way. A choice to forgive than to fight. A choice to support someone, instead of stabbing them. A choice to give instead of grabbing. A choice to support a stranger than always being in clichés , or small circle of friends of who you know. A choice to blossom and not wither. As Terra, posted earlier visit No Place Like Home said, We have a choice to serve no matter our mood or disposition. Because God’ word should always be our home! Terra post on “No Place Like Home” translates to me, there are no excuses before God, but to love and live for Him, alone. If you choose to stay in your pajamas still give Him the praises. If you put on a suit then give Him a shout of Psalms. Sing praises even when you don’t feel like it. He is worthy!!! Glory hallelujah!

Please visit Terra, and read the post…inspirational indeed!

Remember Christ has:

He has over and over and over.

Even if that person hurts you, God says love them. I’m sure you have disappointed God many times and He still welcomes you open arms . I’m sure you have broken your promise to Him. So if a friend breaks their promise to you, why are you above God?

Heavenly Father my prayer is this for each of us:


Blessings to you,