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Some hearts need to be opened because they lack in action for God, but for self gain. Open your hearts to God and those who look different, because He created them too.

I believe each and every one of us decided to become bloggers for many reasons. Rather as a hobby, purpose, boredom, to challenge ourselves, or a vision from God. Each of these reason are all great reasons. Though I would like to discuss one in particular.

If you are a Christian Blogger then it is not about You.  It is about your unyielding love for God, and sharing and spreading God’s word with others. Before starting make sure you understand why you decided to blog in the first place. We are on a world-wide web base. There is no limit on how many blogs or posts that one can write or receive.

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Let your love (heart) be a reflection of Christ!

Making God a habit is to me keeping up with my blog posts. This is a habit that helps me to focus on Him. He speaks to me as I write. He comforts me and encourages me through this blog, other blogs and yes, through your responses to me in the comment section, or even your silent LIKE clicks! Seeking God means looking for God’s presence and wisdom in our everyday life. Was that piece of advice from a follower or blogger, today a word of encouragement from the LORD to me? Was that a song from the Lord to me?
I have read post that stepped on my toes, and I would pray and ask God to fix me in those areas. There is no shame for me to say that is speaking to me.
Thank you Lord for revealing that to me.
"I'm afraid to let you see..hear the music in me. No I don't want you to see my scars but neither will I hide them from you. I...I love you." ~ always L.
Let your heart receive and release joyful music to God

You as a Christian blogger should not feel obligated or look at it as a forced obligation. It’s having a willing spirit and love for God. You should love it, because you love God. There are no limitations on God, other than the ones we place! I believe our busy-ness can be habit-forming too.

Whatever, you do, do it with a passion and a purpose. As for followers, Jesus turns no followers away. Yet, some of you choose who is worthy and who is not. I’m glad God isn’t this way. He accepts all His followers, and those who seek Him. Man says no, I will choose who I want. But God says, “allow me to expand your territory because I will equip you with all you need! He doesn’t put one Christian above another. We are on different levels based on our obedience and faith to God. We are given a choice to walk in His will and not our own. We are all His children.

If you choose to blog then blog and enjoy it. If you choose to not blog then just don’t. No judging! God does not force His love on you so why should you on others. Complaining, does nothing but plant seeds of negativity, and can hinder someone else’s blessing. If you are tired then take a break. If you don’t enjoy it anymore then perhaps it was just for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Move on to something more enjoyable for you.

Because truthfully it is not about you, or me but all about Christ!

There is no judging, or need to feel guilty. However, if you feel guilty then perhaps God is dealing with you. Seek God in everything. Understand that there are souls seeking truth and there are those who need encouragement. If you are a Christian blogger, then pray and ask God to guide you so you that you are being an example to others. Christian blogger is a Christian who blogs in general. But if your blog is spiritually focused on God’s word then what will you decide? It becomes your debt to Christ! The price was paid so freely give yourself to the King.

A lot of people get tired of going to work everyday, but you don’t just quit your job. You push forward because you must pay bills and live. As Christians, we have a duty as Christians for a Savior, who died for our sins (not His). Surely, Jesus comes before all things. In the natural eyes you are blogging. In the spiritual eyes you are ministering, teaching, and fellowship with your neighbor (those who cross paths with you).

I, don’t count or get caught up in the numbers. If a post is for someone then it is for them. If it is not then, for someone else. I will be led by God and God alone. If you respond to someone’s page then so be it. If not then that’s okay too. If you find a post or blog that ministers to you, awesome! But what do your thoughts speak, your motives say? Perhaps someone stepped on your toes, not intentionally!

What I mean by that is they wrote something and when you read it, it spoke to you, it convicted you! Rather do a self-examination you got angry, or revengeful and decided to attack in the natural to God’s messenger instead of receiving it , and correcting your actions. What truth spoke to you in that post about yourself? It wasn’t just sent to you, but others too. So why did you get angry, and not others? Do a self check before you jump to conclusions and tell on yourself. God speaks to His messengers and we are to be obedient.

Know your limits, in the natural.  However, in the spirit rim there are no limits.  Blog from the heart, not for popularity, numbers, or competition! Matthew 18:20 For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them.” Don’t be discouraged or obligated. If you feel overwhelmed then ask God what you should do, not man! If you do you could be stuck in the middle. Life sometimes gets busy, and we start to put off things that are important. Like our Heavenly, fathers business.

 May you receive this message with an open heart and realize we are nothing, cannot do nothing without Christ. If you breathe your last breath tonight, will you make it through the gates of heaven? Would your works on earth be enough for the torture Our Savior endured? I thank you, LORD, and I thank you, sincere Readers, for reminding me to seek God. I needed that today. I need it everyday, but praise God it happened today.
The Key to my Heart
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Does God have the key to your heart? If not then who does?
We will be judged for our actions. We will be judged for acting like we are better than others. We will be judged for having idols before God. Do you hold a fellow blogger higher than another? Why? Do they have connections, are they popular and can help you gain earthly wealth? Didn’t God say He will supply all of your needs? Did He not, say He can open doors that no man can close?
Some of you believe you own your earthly treasures, but if you look close they own you!
I thank God for giving me a boldness to say what others won’t say because they will lose a few likes or followers….for  me the only one I concern myself with is Christ! Not everyone will follow, or like you, but I strive to live by this:  Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2:15