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Amen. Thank you Jesus for this powerful message of truth. Because I have experienced this first hand. I have felt this sincerely, and I’m thankful for the message. God is so faithful to me, and thank you Jesus for showing yourself strong, and revealing to me my confidantes, comrades and constituents. Some people will pretend to be for you, but really keeping you close by to watch you, out do you. But you can’t out-do God. You can’t out-love God! Some will pretend to support you but instead keeping tabs on you, so they can become a distraction or a hinderance.

Know to trust God, and stay before Him. Since launching my business I have seen who is for me and who is against me. But I stand for God, and He is elevating me to higher ground. As He removes the baggage, I will rejoice and say thank you. I thank Him for opening my eyes and heart and taking control when I couldn’t.

I praise you for revealing truth, and giving me clarity. No weapon formed against me shall prosper in the name of Jesus! What God has for me is for me. Who God has for me is for me. My God is awesome, He can make my enemies my footstool. The enemy will dress love up. But God reveals all things, and builds love up.

To my enemies, I’m on a mission for Jesus, either jump aboard, or move out my way! I will not be deceived, or moved by you. But moved by Christ, alone!

Let the message speak for itself, which are you? A comrade, confidant, or constituent?

I Declare - I make this My prayer is to become all that God desires me to be.

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Blessings, in Jesus name. Amen.