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photo credit: dailyreckoning.com

Many are probably struggling today to find their career path. You become frustrated with where you are supposed to be in society. You struggle with interviews, or possibly getting a call for an interview. Have anyone struggled with this? I have struggled before with the right career path, but the reality is there is no lack or furlough in Christ, our Lord!

I had to release the bondage of needing to be accepted in society by working outside the home. I served my country, and now I serve God full-time. My mission has become simple, but trying. My divine mission is to express my love for Jesus! Yes, that’s it!! My greatest service is serving Christ daily. My job in the world may be lingering ,or manifesting in God’s season. For now my job is my online store, caring for my family, blogging and ministering for God.

I know it doesn’t sound big, but no need to because my God is BIG! No one can fill His shoes….

One thing is for sure, my job serving Christ is permanent, and full of bonuses for a lifetime. Break the chains of feeling inadequate, and unimportant. Your worldly job doesn’t identify who you’re. Besides those worldly job have you stressed out, to busy for God, and feeling worse than when you went in, right? Your love for serving God is most important than any other job on earth!  Give God all you fears, worries, and concerns now as you read this! Father God, I give you the bills, fears, worries, addictions, and past baggage to you now Jesus.

Lord, let my identity rest in you, and not of what others say, or think about me. Allow my heart to be content in your word and placement of me alone. Let me be at peace with your placement of me on this earth for I know I’m in the best care. As you lend me your hands Jesus, I surrender to you my heart. I’m fearfully and wonderfully made, and this I know so well.

Thank you for the many blessings you have bestowed on me and my family. Touch each heart that stops here, and let them feel your presence as you speak to their heart. That your love defines them not the world, or a status. Amen.