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Spiritual Inspiration

Jesus is Heaven 2 Me

Jesus is Heaven

You don’t have to go there

you just have to receive Him.

You don’t look for Him

He lives in you.

If He don’t then who moved

or rejected who?

When you deny God, you accept Satan, and when you deny Satan you accept Heaven as your home (spiritual dwelling). I hear often ” I don’t get it.” You don’t get it you receive Him (Heaven). When you leave earth He is already in you. You just see more of Him then. But here on earth you seek more of Him and less of earthly stuff. The more you seek Him the more fulfill and content you become without desiring the world and all its costumes masked with deceit and filled with hate!

There is nothing wrong with earthly treasures when you put God first, and He blesses you with them, but there is a lot wrong when you rob God for earthly treasures that don’t belong to you to begin with. It’s your choice!

Spiritual Inspiration

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