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Everyone has a purpose. Maybe yours is to change the world. Maybe it's to change a persons world. Or helping someone who needs their world changed.

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Life can be overwhelming, stressful, and leaving us empty. You know when your car is on empty then you won’t go very far will you? You don’t even know where it will make its final stop! That’s how I felt riding in my car Saturday. I dislike riding on empty and gambling with nature. My husband, is the expert though of how many miles it will make it before giving out. Very stressful situation to be in, so don’t!

I can’t do that! But I thought about our temple becoming low or empty on Christ! I don’t care how much money you have, or if you are the president of a billion dollar company, when you don’t have Jesus that everlasting fulfillment of belonging you will crash, or feel empty or like something is missing. Have you felt like this?

Everything has a price they say, why are you buying what’s been paid for? Someone is paying to keep a woman or man who don’t love them. Someone is in a relationship unhappy because of fear of being alone or not being able to survive on their own. You’re not alone!

I’m longing for Jesus again, which means I need to rest before Him. Surrender all the earthly treasures , desires to Him and focus on my Heavenly treasures.  That means not worrying where the next meal will come, how the bills will get paid, if you will get that new house, or new job. If God’s going to send you a husband, or bless your womb with a child. Ugh! so many distractions at my feet, keeping me in proximity to Satan’s reach!

What should I wear this morning, what should I say at this interview, did I score a passing grade on my exam, what should I cook tonight? Ugh! Distractions again wearing me thin. Keeping me busy with Satan’s Sin! Ouch! What if I said, I was giving it all to Jesus, and focus on my Heavenly Treasures?  I mean they’re the only treasures guaranteed, right? If I put all my marbles on Jesus, I’m surely to come out on top for sure.

Surrender now, because later may be too late. You can die instantly, before asking for forgiveness, or accepting Him as your Savior! Ouch! A drop underneath, hot fire at your feet….eternally! Ouch!

Perhaps this morning you’re crying over loss of a love one, or going through a painful divorce. Maybe waiting the outcome of a major surgery. My advice is pray, and pray to keep distractions away. Then trust, and trust to block out the devil’s voice. Then walk in faith and see what the end will be. And if it don’t go as you prayed then His will was best, and you must prepare for your time. I know it sucks sometimes to deal with these life crisis, but we have Jesus in the end.


I surrender to you God, my body, soul, and mind.

To do your will alone, and not mine.

I give you my earthly treasures to manage as you see fit.

Honestly, they were never mine to begin with.

People always say, you (God) should make things clearer.

His son dying on the cross, for our sins is a reflection we should see in the mirror

each day, as we surrender all our worries, complaints, and fears when we pray.

What good is it to have all these worldly toys, when I can have eternal JOY

with you everyday. Jesus you are my everything! Will you surrender your earthly treasures today, and live God’s way, or will you keep them and live your own way? Personally, I’m tired of life’s false promises, as it robs you in the night. I surrender to Jesus, because this battle was never my fight!

Spiritual Inspiration

photo credit: pinterest.com

If you’re lost for words or don’t have the words just silence yourself because He reads your thought and heart.