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" Self-care is not about self-indulgence, it’s about self-preservation." - Audre Lorde. Take care of yourself, dear one. #depression #recovery #selfcare

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You ever wake up and just feel Heavy? I mean you can feel heavy from many things. Maybe you ate too much and it weighed you down. Perhaps it never left because you gained a few pounds. Then you have the weight of baggage, from everyday stuff that just keep holding you back and keeping you down.

Sometimes you just become overloaded. As I sat meditating, about God and life, I thought how sometimes we can be overly dressed (to many clothes), and sometimes under dressed (not enough clothing)! But this was on a more spiritual level. Sometimes I feel we can become overdressed with the clothing of the world (pride, busyness, depression, envy, jealousy, impatience, overindulging, laziness etc.) I think you get my drift!

Then some of us are under clothed when it comes to God (not serving , praying, worshipping, trusting, believing, tithing, seeking Him, or waiting patiently on Him). Let’s take a look at love with our mates, and for some of you let’s not act to Holy. But when you are being intimate with your mate things become heated and you start to feel good right? Clothes starts to drape the floor as you stand in all your nakedness. Magic happens and a connection is made. Two bodies become one if you get my drift!

Shouldn’t you be one with God? Shouldn’t you be on fire for God? After all He is the reason these things exist. But opening your every being is the true nakedness. Giving your all to the one who created you is Nakedness in the purest form. 

Miracles are created sometimes through this intimacy, and love for one another. A bond is made stronger. So why don’t you get naked for God. Take the ugly, disgusting, un-pleasing  things about you and shed them by getting naked before God. Because it is then you become a clean canvas that He can paint His art on and make His masterpiece! It is then He can express His love through you for others to see. It is then you would see your beautiful naked body and the true design He has just for you.

When you are not happy with your body than what does that say about your Creator? Just truly think about it. He says you’re fearfully & wonderfully made! You say different then who is lying? Give Him the thoughts that degrade you from who He says you are.

When you are totally naked your mate must see you for who you are. This include no mask of makeup, no girdles holding things up, no secrets just the real authentic you in all your nudity! How reassuring to have a mate accept you as you are? This how we must go before God. Not withholding back! No covering up and pretending to be something we are not.

We are children of God who are filthy rags made clean by a Holy God who cleansed us with His blood. He is the only way.

Okay, the word nudity to some of you can be an issue. In Biblical references to Adam and Eve’s sudden self-consciousness about their nudity and fall from grace was stemmed from their disobedience. They became self-conscious after eating the forbidden fruit! We weren’t born to be shy of our bodies. Nor violate them by being sex symbols. We are to be garments of Holiness.

You may be shy, or ashamed now if your body doesn’t look the same or is somewhat overweight, or perhaps you bear a scar that’s unpleasant to you. Maybe your spouse said you were overweight, it happens. At the end of the day it only affects you when you’re not content with who you are no matter your flaws. I’m this way with myself when I become angry, or let little obstacles get to me. Why? Because I strive to be pleasing to God, but it’s a work in progress that never stops, you know?

But I still consider myself Beautiful even when I’m not having a great day! Because Christ will handle my worries, fears, flaws, etc.

Beautiful things happen when you’re Naked! But the best things happen when you’re naked before God! Become naked before God, and allow Him to clothe you with garments of love, truth and His Holiness, not your own!

Are you over dressed, and under dressed for God to work in your life?

You have to get naked to shower (be cleansed right)? So likewise with God. Don’t walk around layered with the world’s rags, but with garments of God!

Look in the mirror today in all your nudeness and say, ” I’m fearfully & wonderfully made because God made me . I give Him all the unpleasing things about myself today.