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Note: Please pay attention to the bold text. Search your hearts today. I have, and may you receive, without losing sight to what God is speaking to your heart to see. Don’t look at the messenger but the message that speaks truth to your lifestyle or situation. So we may get right with God. God uses each of us differently to deliver His word, or warning to His people.

Bread, not cake!


The Message

Blessings to you my friends, neighbors and those against the Savior. Today is the day to get off your DIET (Doubt In Every Trial), or (Doubt In Every Thing). How many of you walk around doubting God when things get hard? How many of you just doubt in any, and everything when it’s not in front of you?

When doubts and fears show up as our voice, they’re there to remind us to grab our faith from within, and to remember we’re striving to live the spiritualized life God predestined for us, each day He grants us. If you’re here then it was ordered by His steps always is.

Doubt does two things for me:

*Doubts for me reveals exactly where I still need to crush fear because they (doubts) suggest lies.

*Doubt directs me, the need to defend, that I can’t be separate from God’s love for one second each day.

Doubt shows up, and your trust fades away. You get nervous to the unknown. Each of us has done it, some of us still do. Some of us are dieting from scripture, dieting from the promises of God. Dieting from been healed. Some of us have been healed before many times, but still doubted(s) God even when a situation arose. Some of us have doubted God for financial blessing, but He delivered, yet you still doubted what you couldn’t see.

Lord, send us such a flood-tide of Thy love that we shall be washed beyond the mire of doubt and fear.    Prayer by C. H. Spurgeon    (I have this prayer taped to my mirror so that I can read it every day!)

Are you being Fake, or do you truly have Faith? Make sure you do, because another trial will come to test your Faith. Will you go hide, and cry, or will you continue to pray and keep Faith? God wants true believers, not pretenders. We don’t need man’s results. God is the answer! We don’t wait on results. We wait on God! God is the result, be it good news to you or not because He is the good news! Glory to God! If you are given bad news and will leave this earth, then that’s great news if you going to Heaven. But if you not living right then fear & doubt kicks in because you may not get into Heaven, or unsure. So you bargain, plead, and pray for more time to do right before God!

What’s the point of memorizing scriptures, or blogging them if you not going to use them when you need them? But you look them up after the storm, or to seem more spiritually inclined than others? Sometimes life hits me so hard, and happens so fast, I cannot think of the scriptures out loud, or at all, but I can say JESUS, and He shows up! I’m being honest, life does that it shows up without permission, or an invite.

Remember JESUS need you to accept His invite before He enters! The devil just shows up, and you better have God!

When God answers your prayers He is increasing your Faith. When He delays answering, then He is building your patience. When He doesn’t answer to open a particular door then He has something else better, and greater for just YOU!

Conquering Fear & Doubt

As I have been going through my storms, I removed myself from anything in the dark that would distract me and my focus on being right before God, and meditating by putting spiritual food inside my temple. I don’t want to live in fear, or be like the turbulent sea. I don’t want to wait for confirmation before trusting God. Many times people convince themselves that they trust God, but when something small hits they really don’t. I use to be this way, a total wreck! I’m changing that, now God is confirmation for me! I want to trust Him beforehand. Don’t you get tired of the enemy stealing and robbing your JOY?

True Joy for me is when Jesus Overshadows You, full-time not part-time!

Stop dieting from God’s word, and take a diet from the worldly stuff that instills doubt and fears. The enemy is planting distraction, and doubt seeds and keeping us busy with the worldly good reads instead of God’s words.

I have been through trials that would have sent others to the mental hospital. I have endured unimaginable pain, and a broken-ness that others say than can relate to but can’t. But you know what I didn’t do it alone or survive without HELP! My God has shown mercy, and grace bountifully, in my life in-spite of the loss of loved ones, in-spite of the false relationships of people who say they care, or has replaced their love with technology. God has not done me this way! But I can’t say the same.

He deals with the Heart!

Right now I’m still going through my storm on an upgraded level, and I’m still giving God the glory because now He has not answered, so He is teaching me to be patient, and not anxious and to continue to trust Him. So I cry, and I wait. I pray and I wait. I read the word, and wait. I’m enduring longsuffering! It will be worth it because it will be handled His way.

God makes no false promises. God shows up when you need Him just like a true friend who comes to care for you when you cannot. Or like a spouse who stays home to make sure you get better. Or the package delivered to your door from miles away that encourages you and says “Just Because!” That is God people showing up in your time in need. That is God answering your prayers of loneliness, or when you needed love and comfort.

Many will not even recognize God’s presence, and has called it man doing good deeds, because they have been on a diet from God’s word of real genuine love. Sometimes you must diet from the world to be filled with God fully! I’m just before God and needing Him to consume every part of me, DAILY.

So while you’re dieting to get in shape, I’m allowing the only true God in me to form me , therefore being not shaped of the world. If man leaves me, I’m not going to panic because God is with me. He is the best one to care for me. He is higher than man. I will begin to pray, trust, walk, and rejoice!

Trust.. I've allowed myself to become blinded by self-doubt and fear.. rather than turning into the strength I know is there. Time for that to change.. <3


I need to read my bible daily and not for special occasions, or to entertain man. Because if I don’t then I will be the devil’s entertainment when I’m tap dancing in HELL ! Don’t play with God, and the devil won’t play with you.

Be blessed by God, or possessed by the enemy, your choice! Heaven and hell are real just ask the devil the next time He shows up knocking at your door?