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Words of God❤made me think of someone dear to my heart! You are loved!!


They delight in lies, and deceit

They blessed me with their mouth

while cursing me inwardly, repeatedly!

What God has for me, is for me!

They consult my every move just

to pray against what’s righteous in me

I wait silently, and I’m not moved

I can’t be moved

I won’t be moved

Unless its God who moves me.

He is my defense, my strength,

comforter, and protector.

They try to stab my heart

which can’t be found on the surface

because it’s so hidden in Christ

you will have to go through Him to get it.

I will not set my heart on them, but on you Master.

Be blessed sincerely from the heart of God!



Today, has been a day under the weather for me, but I still have breath to share the good news of Christ. I find comfort in Him.