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Take action against Bullying!


photo credit: Timeless Treasures Forever

It’s in God’s timing! Like everything in my life is. This is just one of the shirts of many I designed. God gives us gift for a greater purpose than for profit, or pleasure! That’s all good when we put His will first.

For many it seems to be a topic of no importance. I know first hand because my son was targeted in elementary, and in middle school. As soon as it was brought to my attention I was all over it. My son was not scared, but he isn’t raised to go to school to fight. He is taught to defend himself if necessary!

I went directly, to the principal because I didn’t want it getting swept under the rug. I had a teacher the first time it happened in fifth grade say to me, “that it happens, that children will be children.” I explained that it was not the right thing to say, and was unacceptable! I pray over my children each day because they go to school with children who aren’t taught to pray, or understand that it’s not okay to put your hands on another just because you feel like it, or verbally belittle them. Sexual assaults are taking place on the younger children, and goes untold because they are scared.

Your child may be having his lunch taken away, and you just think their appetite is picking up at home when they have two servings of food than, they normally do. God is leading me down this road, and given me a voice to be bold, but humble.

Children are taking their lives each day, and some parents find out after burying their child. For each product I sell a percentage goes back to the community, for a greater cause. I ask, and then I continue to trust God to supply my every need. I wrote a book sometime ago, along with my other book Scattered Pieces that will be release in due season as God sees fit.

The book on bullying is awaiting a few more illustrations changes, which are being illustrated by my ten-year old daughter. May you support the cause that may save a life? The book is titled: Bullying Is A Disease! Subtitle: It’s Contagious but Curable! Because it spreads and infest others like a disease, but it can be cured (stopped).

My plan is to reach the schools, and push for Bullying campaigns, and promote products against Bullying. God is showing Himself strong in my life, and I want to be obedient. After all my gifts comes from Him!