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Today I will be sharing with you how to make your very own Crushed Peppermint Serving Tray(s). This is really easy, affordable, and very jovial for the holiday season. I paid $2.50 (bag of peppermint, Wal-Mart) to create these joyful holiday trays. This is one of my favorite projects, considering my love for peppermint ice cream, shakes, cake, etc. I’m addicted to peppermint bark, and the aroma of peppermint, especially during Christmastime!

I think these are great for serving at Christmas parties, celebrations, and for future events. The best part is they are refreshing, affordable, edible, and they make great gifts when gift wrapped nicely! So I’m going to attempt to walk you through this with five curious children, a dog who wants chips, and a husband who thinks he’s getting steak. Little does he know a peppermint tray will have to do (smiling)! Okay, where was…

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