Timeless Treasures Forever


Image view: Back view of clutch, front before red trimming, and front open flap view.

Hi, I hope your day was promising! Today, as I rested in Christ, so many lessons were consumed by me through Him. The scripture nothing is impossible with God, ran through my veins like a waterfall. Flowing smoothly and gracefully!

I had decided to make a clutch for personal feminine items for when us ladies don’t want to carry (lug) that big purse, or something special to keep them in so when we’re rummaging through our purse, our feminine napkins don’t drop out and become exposed and become everybody’s business! So anyway, I decided to pick out some fabric and go for it.

Lord, knows I have loads of fabric than I know what to do with. I will be donating some of it to a friend. So where was I? So I began my mission determined to create…

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