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Timeless Treasures Forever



I was led in my heart to pray for my readers, followers, family, friends, and neighbors. I think it’s key to stop, and pray for others in the midst of doing our earthly, jobs and our busyness. My prayer for each of you to include your family, and friends who God knows each by name is:

Heavenly Father, you are the Creator of Heaven, and earth. I give you the honor, and the glory with the highest praise for giving us an invite to come before your Holy throne, though we are not worthy! I lift my friends, family, readers, followers, and those who are just passing through here, blessings, healings, and financial stability in the abundance, during their economic hardships. May you hear their needs they place before you in prayer, today, and receive my sincere prayer for them. Lord, may you answer according to their will, and may they trust your will today, for tomorrow…

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