Timeless Treasures Forever


Photography: Timeless Treasures Forever

Hi, I told you earlier, that there will be more giveaways to come. I decided to giveaway another teacup before Christmas arrives. I didn’t realize how many tea, and tea-cup lovers there were, until launching my other giveaway which is coming to an end soon.

I’m truly grateful, and thankful to bless others by giving back so graciously, what God has poured down on my family, and I in the abundance. I definitely believe in giving back, by blessing others.  More importantly, by giving back to others we allow God’s love for us to be reciprocated in small portions back to what He gave us! It doesn’t matter how you got to this blog, but know that Jesus ordered your steps. He is in the midst of everything.

We like to believe we are always in control, but we are not! I love to express my love for Christ, and for…

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