Timeless Treasures Forever


Hi, thanks for stopping by here today! May you be inspired here as much as I am. Thank you God for inspiring me (clapping my hands)! Give God some praise!

I stretched my arms out this morning and said, “Lord I need you.”

Jesus: what do you need, Shenine?


Jesus: That’s all?

Me: It’s enough, thank you Jesus!

When was the last time you asked for a hug from Jesus? Oh, you can’t see Him? I got news for you, hugs are meant to be felt.

It’s important each day that we first pray before we be about our day! For if we pray then we would know what to say, to those who didn’t have time or feel the need to pray. Every true Christian know that Christ is the only way. When someone ridicules you, even when you try to show love, remember…

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