Timeless Treasures Forever

The Holy One..Rejoice

I love Luke in the bible. I find the conception of Jesus intriguing. This love story is to die for, and He did. Jesus died for us. I will be sharing best I know how from what I read in the Bible, and my heartfelt thoughts on what was happening here. I’m no expert just a servant trying to seek, read, follow and share an extraordinary, and miraculous story that should be shared and cherished each day. So each day I will sip on a cup of (Luke 1: 11-50) , and share it with all who would partake without ridicule, but share in love. The message is important not the messenger. Matthew is also great reference point too.

Mary, the angel Gabriel, and Joseph

Mary, was a virgin , who lived in Galilee of Nazareth. She was engaged to be married to Joseph the carpenter. She was approached by an angel (Gabriel)who…

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