Timeless Treasures Forever

Hi, I wanted to share with you how I’m full of JOY, and tears. Being a veteran myself and giving up twelve years of service to my country for my children (yes, eight years before retirement). It wasn’t easy trusting the unknown and unexpected. Not many are able to just get out because the military and provide for their family or self. Because they are a single parent, and have no family to depend on with their little one shall they deploy. Some can, but prefer money and career over their little ones. It’s the truth!

After being the NCOIC( Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge) of a top-secret clearance job, that was critical to the war that started I realized my husband, and I both couldn’t deploy and leave our little ones. My husband deployed for a year and then another while I cared for my four and my brother.

Personally, I lost my…

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