Don’t be deceived by your goodness unless you have a relationship with Christ!

Timeless Treasures Forever


They say good people go to Heaven.

I hear it at services for the dead all the time.

No one ever goes to hell

everyone is Heaven bound ( I don’t believe that)!

It baffles my mind, how we easily believe such a comforting lie.

I was taught to never believe everything

that people say. The bible say that a relationship

with Christ is the only way through the pearly gates!

Compared to God’s standard

of good, and my standard of good.

I would never see the angels sing.

I won’t comment on your interpretation of good

because that would be a losing battle.

The only people who go to Heaven is the

one who actually have a relationship with Christ, and not a one night fling!

Jesus is everybody’s Creator, but the true question is He your Father?

Yes, He created everything and everyone, but it doesn’t mean you have truly…

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