Timeless Treasures Forever

I have soooo many thoughts on Jealousy including it's not healthy, it's related to envy which is a sin, and I don't practice it EVER! But, most importantly I think that it blocks your blessings!!

You invite someone in your heart to learn about them. Share everyday life and all the stuff in between. Social media could be a great tool that allows us to share our lives and what we do, but if you invite the wrong people in they may turn it around and use it against you.  Jealousy and envy are the tools that the adversary use to destroy and abuse relationships.

Christmas is usually where friendships and relationships are destroyed. Because people love to compare who has received what from under the tree? Or who has a friend or two. God’s love is not jealous, envy, or bitter. I thought you knew.

If you practice love without any jealousy you can just be a friend, mother, father, son, daughter, husband, sister, brother, or just a loving servant being loving to each other. Jealousy is when we count another’s blessing over our own.

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