Timeless Treasures Forever

Hi, I see you made it. Thanks for taking time out of your busyness to join me. I invited each of you to see what was shown to me while asleep. It is such a beautiful art to me. How miraculously God designed everything this includes you and me.

Okay, look at the picture and imagine sitting there at the beach. Listen carefully to what you hear and what you see. There is a lesson here for you as it was for me. Don’t let your mind wander off just wait patiently.  This is very important because it will express my spiritual growth of how I must continue to love you. How I love you now, when you think I’m just desperate and weak. Why? Because of how I choose to love you even when you are not nice, pretending, or unloving to me. 

ocean waves animated photo: ocean animated gone-to-the-beach.gif

The ocean waves move back and forth

on the shore, and…

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