Timeless Treasures Forever


Good day, okay I never start something, and never finish it. So to my beautiful women, and handsome God-fearing men this is Day 2 of the Incredible You! So if you haven’t read ” I’m Beautiful Because God Says So” post. Then take time to read it and be empowered by God’s truth when He created you. This isn’t just for women, but for you men too. We wouldn’t know what to do without you, though we like to pretend we do!!!

No makeup just the naked, original you. Just as you were out of your mother’s womb!

Okay, let’s go look into the mirror, which looks back at you. Remove every lie ever told to you. I don’t care if it was a family member, spouse, friend, or self who told you that you were not meant to be here. Or that you were dumb, skinny, fat, a mistake, or just no…

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