Timeless Treasures Forever


There is none like you Jesus, not one Lord!

You’re brighter than the sun.

You’re more than a doctor because you’re the healer of my soul.

You’re faithful than the promises of man.

You’re dependable than any plans man has for me.

You are the impossible that turns man’s no’s, into I can do’s.

You’re the yes you can that resides in my wanting to give up.

You’re my everything when my, “I’m nothing” consumes me.

You’re the safety net when I’m drowning in fears.

You’re the prayer that fulfills my emptiness from within.

You’re the breathe I gasp for each second to feel alive.

You’re the main meal for me, a side dish won’t do.

You’re the sound of new life in a newborn’s lungs.

You’re the voice I want to hear on the phone.

You’re a gift I want to keep on receiving daily.

You’re the drug I…

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