Timeless Treasures Forever



Redecorate my heart Lord, you have my permission, that only I can give you. I have given many the key to my private room (heart), and they have tried to decorate it with their hypocrisy, bitter, hate, jealousy, envy, un-supportive love and hidden agendas to distort my heart, and wound me.

It hurts me because I’m not these things, and didn’t allow them into my private room to play some competing game or rob me of what you so graciously placed within me. Lord, I give you the key, and have asked those not like you to depart from my heart, so you can redecorate it to stay focused on you, Lord and what you want me to do.

Lord, redecorate my heart with sheets of sincerity, and honesty where others have tried to contaminate it with deceit and untruth. Lord, paint the walls of my heart with peace and a love…

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