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No bitterness

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Don’t keep what God is trying to remove from your life. So if someone deletes you, un-follows, you, won’t follow you, or breaks up with you. Move forward without anger, sadness, or bitterness. Who is for you, let them truly be for you. Would you give poison to your baby ?

Bitter, negative people will hinder your walk with Christ, block your blessings, and leave you feeling unworthy and un-valuable! They will leave you with an empty heart, that refuses to receive.  That is not God’s characteristics at all. True Christians, friends, spouse and family will follow and stand with you even when the ground gets shaky. But when one tries to hinder God’s plan, He will remove them. So don’t think anything is wrong with you.


Would God leave you? No, but He will remove the debris from your life and make the path clear for you. No weapon…

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