Timeless Treasures Forever

Please...come fill me...lead me...guide me the right way....help me stay on track without so many stumbles


You journey in this walk with Christ, but you have some buried secrets, or hard feelings towards one another. Maybe from your past. I have been asking God more and more to reveal anything that’s not of Him in my heart. Sometimes this is hard to do for some of us because we want to believe, and exemplify that we are Holy than thou!

Not me. I want to be true to myself, you and to Christ! To forgive means forgiving myself first. Many times we forgive others or do we? When Christ forgives us, we some how pull out our fishing poles and go fishing out the past baggage. When God forgives, I believe it’s non-existent. Perhaps you hate to forgive so you can have that last cord to use as an excuse, or against another.

I realize though others make mistakes be it intentional or not, a true…

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