Fill the Gaps with the love of Christ today, and repeat it.

Timeless Treasures Forever


Oh, how I have missed blogging and interacting with you all. It has been difficult, and I have been a busy bee. We were not only in the middle of losing a love one but we were moving into our new home. It was just me and hubby and our four children. Our fifth child which is the eldest is away in school.

For those who were aware my brother-in-law’s illness, deceased Sunday. He was buried Wednesday. I’m glad to say though Cancer chose Him,he chose Christ!


How awesome is that? I say PRETTY AWESOME!!! Give God some praises. Well, in the midst of the bad news of finding out he had cancer with little time to live. Something amazing happen to me. An outpour of creativity or divine intervention took over.

I began to create these inspiring shirts. It happened again when I was given the news of His death. One…

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