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During my storm with losing a brother-in-law to Cancer. My heart was lead to read Luke 9. Jesus had three potential followers who wanted to follow but had other obstacles to attend to first. One guy said, “I would follow you wherever you go.” Jesus replied, “foxes have holes and birds of the air have nest, but the son of Man has no place to lay his head.” I assume Jesus is saying they will be homeless. So in other words if I was this guy, I would be leaving my home (shelter) to follow Jesus.

Would you give up your home now to follow Jesus?

This is something that hits the core of my soul. In the same breath, are we so comfortable, and do we really understand giving up the worldly(materialism) life for Jesus?

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The second guy wanted to follow, but told Jesus he had to go bury His father first, and then return to follow Jesus. The reply from Jesus was quite shocking to me. He said, “Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and proclaim the kingdom of Heaven.”

Oh my could you imagine losing a mother, father, child or sibling and not being able to bury them? Sadly, this is what being that radical Christian is about and being sold out for Christ! The third guy needed to say goodbye to his family before following Jesus. We often have a lot to do before serving God. We will spend costly on attire to attend church, rob Him of tithes and barely praise Him.

We got to make sure everything is perfect first. We even say, ” I must get my heart right before going to church.” I must stop drinking before serving God.” But last time I checked, God is the fixer. So why lose your soul trying to fix something that you created to begin with. Wake up stop sipping on the coffee, and sip on Christ!

We sometimes don’t get to officially say goodbye, to love ones if they die instantly. We say we love Jesus, but most of the time I we lose our home we become homeless not by choice but because of maybe some wrong decisions, bad spending habits, or unknown obstacle. But it is then we cry to Jesus to bail us out. Yet, we will leave these things behind one day. It could be today.

We had a miniature earthquake two weeks ago. It was nothing to many. To me it meant a lot! Do we pay attention to warning signs, or are we so comfortable it doesn’t matter?

I ask myself is it all worth it? Risking worldly stuff, and comfort for a place in Heaven? Would you leave your family and follow Jesus with no regrets? Would you risk being homeless with no guarantee of shelter to follow Jesus? Are we really following Him, or tailgating for our convenience of desires and wants in between reading scriptures?

I recall as I was reading how I left the military after twelve years of service to be with my children and rear them. It was the hardest decision to trust God on what I had in my savings and to give up retirement pay for the rest of my life. But I chose Jesus, to trust Him. Later to find out He would have me as a stay at home mom blogging for Him. To many I was called stupid for giving up an income of $7,000 per month plus retirement. Honestly, this is not my permanent dwelling so should it be called retirement?

With my husband income combined later on, we brought in $15,000 per month together but when I got out it was about $7,000. Oddly, we believe doing what’s right by our children that Christ blessed us with. I believe it was a test to see if money was a priority over our children god blessed us with. I trusted God and I had some hardships, but I was grateful to be there with my little ones. It was priceless, and still is.

My husband has retired a few years ago, and makes no where near that. Oddly, though he works as a supervisor for at risk children. Imagine that children still in the picture. But you wouldn’t know we live on one income because God has covered us fully. Why? Because we stepped out and trusted Him, and the unknown in our lives. We still trusting Him.

Our children will be the future generation representing Christ! Let’s give God some praises. Yes, I have multiple degrees. Completing a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration. But my main degree and only degree that counts is being that radical Christian for Jesus who paid it all. I don’t stress over material things. I stress on  making it to Heaven, and not hell. I never want to get to comfortable here on earth and risk my soul or playing with my children souls.

Being a good Samaritan is not a guaranteed ticket to God’s kingdom. What is God asking us to do?

We are blessed with five children, not to do makeup or play Barbie, or teach the boys to ride bikes. We should be teaching scripture and prayer first, then the other stuff is fine. My understanding to what Jesus calls us to be is that radical Christian. The risk is we may have to abandon everything we have come to know one day. Our family, career, homes and desires. Sometimes He removes a love one from us. Are you still living? Yes. It may be some tears here and there but you survived.

Life is unexpected but your Faith doesn’t have to be. I heard someone degrading a renter. I smiled and said to myself if you don’t have a title to your home then you are technically no homeowner because you owe a debt. That renter is just that renting. No debt. When you leave here you should owe no man. Personally, either way it stays when you die. The devil got people caught up in materialism.

Worshipping their cars like idols. Enjoy but don’t be consumed by them, to where you look down on others. Many are born into wealth and yet they don’t share they brag and degrade others. God help them.

It teaches you to either depend on Christ, or you will be bitter and angry with Him.

You may lose your home and not be as comfortable but you also lose a lot of the stress to up keep the home. You have time to serve God and depend on Him right? God wants us to abandon ourselves. I don’t believe He wants to take everything away from us. Obviously, He blesses us with earthly treasures to begin with. I believe God is asking us to search our hearts, and to know that if we needed to abandon these things, would we? It requires full-time Faith.