May we love each other by God’s love. May we unite and bring others to Christ by showing love, and by not judging them. We’re not judges to other but to ourselves. Judge your behavior and pray for others behavior that they may partake of the living water.

Timeless Treasures Forever

Glory Seed Devotional 03/10/2014

What would God have me share with you? POW! There it was the same question He placed in my heart is the question, I always ask myself when I want to say something inappropriate because of my changing emotions. I know some of you are perfect and this will not apply to you. Hint: Jesus is the only perfection. We’re perfect in Him alone.

Which means we will sin and error. But through Him we are covered by His blood. So when you are driving and someone cuts you off (road rage), how do you respond? When someone hurts you, do you respond in love by forgiving and giving it to Christ? Or do you seek revenge to destroy them or ruin them?

When someone hits you, do you hit back? How about when someone ask you to support something they’re doing and it’s for the kingdom of God…

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