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Jesus gives you option 1, which is the, “Green Button” (going home to Heaven). Which says you can go straight to Heaven. No more suffering, abuse, betrayal, hurt, pain, sickness, death, loss or aging. You get a new body as soon as you hit the green button.


You can choose option 2 which is the “Red Button” (Staying on earth). Which means you will suffer, experience loss, pain, betrayal, bruises, hunger, loss of shelter, friends and death one day. You will age and become all wrinkly like prunes, possibly lose control of your bowels, but with the guarantee of still coming to Heaven later on one day.

photo credit: adobe.com

For the true Christian, this isn’t hard. I would personally choose the “Red Button.” Why? Because I have to ask are the things I’m living for, worth Christ dying for? I know this can’t be grammatically right, but the question is still valid. I prefer to live on earth, and share the word of God, and piss the devil off! He takes so much from us. I want to bring as many souls to Christ, as possible. Stand for God, or lay down for the devil. The choice is yours, alone.

I never been one to take the easy road out. Why now? Rather we live in prison like Paul, what can ye do to me? Rather I’m free what can ye do to me other than what God allows? Rather you kill me what can ye do to me? For either of these things doesn’t separate me from the love of God, for bringing souls to the kingdom is priceless. Christ, didn’t take the easy way out!

If one person dies for Christ they will make a more profound statement than the many who mocked Him. Acts 5:41-42. Rephrased by me to make a point. Aren’t we suppose to rejoice in our suffering and glorify His name without ceasing? So I may become old and lose control of my bowels, but my bowels won’t be the only thing pouring out. The word of God will pour out as living water for all to drink.

One may ask why go to other countries, and provide wells for them, when they will not appreciate them or who they come from. Answer: God equips us with all things to bless others. Because as long as the wells are filling up with living water, God is providing for all who thirst. One will be saved. One is many in God’s kingdom, and one short of hell. It is not our job to investigate who is worthy! God works in mysterious ways, I tell you.

God I’m yours, and here to do a great work for your Glory, as long as you equip me to share your story……S. Wiggs