Timeless Treasures Forever

Listen for God


Satan is very busy. Busy doing what? He is busy keeping us busy. As long as we are before God, meditating on God. There is power, and God gives us authority over the enemy through Him. The enemy has to do one simple act. Keep the believers busy with material things, activities and thoughts of the world. Yep, that’s it. Because if he can keep us busy then we are speaking and sharing scriptures but not living . Therefore we appear to the unbelievers as hypocrites, false preaching and one big joke.

So Satan gets to roll out the red carpet with all God’s people walking away from truth and into a trap of lies and eternal damnation. So how does He keep us busy?

  • Satan keeps us busy doing nothing Godly.
  • He provides material things unpleasing to God for us to purchase and go over debt in.
  • Overspend our budget…

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