Timeless Treasures Forever

Mi cerchi guardandoti intorno, ma io ti appartengo internamente. E mi chiedo che senso ha perseguire questa sottile e impalpabile superficie, quando io sono già dentro al tuo petto. Vorrei che tu ti accorgessi di me, di quanto la mia anima è viva mentre gode del tuo mondo interiore.  Tanya Bì ©


You ever been in the middle of a crowd, and felt lost? I mean like all these people are passing by, some standing still looking you eye to eye. Yet you feel like you’re all alone and nobody’s knows you’re even there? I know all to well this feeling. This world can be a lonely place at times. You can be in an empty, vacant room and feel lonely as if no one cared or knew you existed. You look for comfort or someone to listen to your heart, but no one is there to listen.

How does that make you feel? For myself it was like I was sinking deeper and deeper into an nonexistence phase. But I got news for you.  I cried like a newborn baby who had lost her mother, and I have. But I found God in my time of feeling alone. God’s promises are…

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