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Does hope and love work together? I believe our love for God and each other gives us hope. But when our love is in man, then the hope diminishes.  Because man cannot love us unconditionally, the way God can. This is why the bible says “But blessed are those who trust in the LORD and have made the LORD their hope and confidence. Jeremiah 17:7. We cannot merely love God and not love one another. Yet, many can love the carnal flesh and others and still not love, trust, or believe in God for that matter!

God gives us a standard by commanding us to love our neighbors if we love Him. Lately, I have been in a spiritual battle. You see the enemy doesn’t want us to pray, or spend too much time with God. It messes with his plans to discourage, and deceive us. Ultimately, destroying us. Hope, in God is giving hope to others by showing love to them as we love Christ! So my attention has been on loving the difficult and the unloving people in my life and those who I cross paths with. It isn’t easy to do, to be frankly honest. But with God, nothing is impossible!

I found it’s easy to go to church and speak about the kind hearts that smiled, and embraced me. But loving others who love us back is a given. What about loving the person who stabbed you in the back, or the friend who stabbed you in the heart? What about the neighbor who robbed you? Or the guy who raped your daughter? How about the family member who molested your child and betrayed your trust? Do you honestly love them and forgive them? Do you still trust God with your life?

How about the person who lied on you and made it a public spectacle? Do you still trust God to fight your battle? Is your hope still in Him? Truly loving God will require trusting Him when others ridicule, abandon and abuse you.  People will throw stones at you, but we have to still show them love. Think about what Jesus endured on that cross for us. Are you better than Him? What wrong did He did? He loved us enough to die for us.  So how can we judge who is good or bad? Who we should help or not help? We become often like Martha’s in the bible. We want to be in control of our every needs, decisions and situations. God wants more Mary’s. Yes, servant hood is great but without the instructions from our teacher (Jesus). We will be hopeless and lacking His love that holds us together.

Mary set at the feet of Jesus. As this ministers to me. Sometimes we can become to busy in the world and lose track of God’s instructions that will give us our map to Paradise. All the worldly things such as: Chores, planning events, social media overkill, partying, and extracurricular activities. If our hope is in Christ and we love Him then we should be before Him more so than involved with the Worldly things. We should be like Mary, at the feet of Jesus. Jesus, was always with the afflicted and the sinners who were condemned by those who claim to love Christ!

They talked to Jesus and tried to tell Him what was right and wrong. Do you ever find yourself trying to tell God what to do or how to answer your prayers? I’ll be the first to admit I have. We don’t need to tell Him our problems in a long drawn out deed. We just acknowledge that He already knows our situation. Began to thank Him. Our hope is in Him, alone. So that entails trusting Him to handle it the way He saw fits. We must get off the throne of God.

Hope and love are not just two four letter words. It’s our belief to the only God. It’s our livelihood. Our lifestyle should be trusting Jesus to protect us and guide us in loving the difficult, unloving, and lost souls. Not turning our backs and assuming we are better. How can we forget the shoes we walked in before becoming a Christian? God knows each of us and our heart. So let’s take the time to know His heart. Stay blessed and meditate on hope and love in its entirety! You may pray for change in someone, and not see it in them. Just look in the mirror and there change will be. The greatest change is from those who became angry about poverty, abuse, and bullying etc. Those people had a love for the less fortunate and a hope in Christ to make a difference! Will you make a difference for another?