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"God isn't worried whether the cup is half empty or half full. He wonders which thirsty person we will give it to" Bob Goff, Love Does

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Are you a person who worries a lot? Surely, if you are a person like me with a lot of responsibilities and obligations then you may worry from time to time. We have obligations to our children on a daily basis, our spiritual life which guides our daily behaviors and actions. Without the guidance of the Holy Spirit we are all like scattered leaves in the woods. Just lost and ending up in and everybody’s backyard.

We worry about health, finances, careers, relationships, safety, the opinion of others. All the little distractions of the world comes knocking at our door from time to time. Honestly, I’m more concerned about my destination!!! Something that we should all be concerned about.  Our good deeds don’t get us to Christ.  So let the distractions of the world be few. What is my message to you from God?

Give all your worries, problems, concerns, obligations and fears to Christ, so you can give Him your undivided attention. You will feel so much better and free.  Don’t take tomorrow’s problems to bed tonight. It will weigh you down. Let Go and Let God! Stop stressing over the things you cannot change.  Remember the cross changes everything. Cast your anxiety on Him because He cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

Why would God ask us to trust and put our hope in Him, just to let us down? He wouldn’t go void on His promises to us.

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