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I hear people say to me, ” you’re almost there, or to your spiritual level.” They can’t be serious! I’m a daily work that will continue until and long after I die. My relationship with Christ, unfolds each day. Each day I must decide how I will behave, react to others, talk to others. Will I lose my temper or not. Will I let my children eat a warm meal or some greasy fries. All these are decisions that are based on my spiritual feeding and thoughts.

Who will I serve today, God or self? Will I pencil God in or will He pencil me in His to do a list for me? God is chipping and sanding us each day. It is not instant workmanship but a day-to-day art that unfolds little by little. There is no instant gratification with Christ. People get saved and suddenly they become Peters and Paul’s overnight.  Not so. Each day we have an opportunity to become more intimate with Christ and watch His story unfold with us on the cover.  Mine reads Shenine’s journey with Jesus. Subtitle: It’s all about Him, not me.

What will your cover say?