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photo credit: Pinterest.com

A friend receives bad news, maybe the worst news one can receive. I have been a character in this play before. There is no script, but I know it all to well. I hear the words echo out of her mouth. ” I have Cancer, and two months to live!” Ouch, here we go.

Someone says something awful. It’s the news that leave you breathless, and speechless. Your brain scramble for what your heart wants to say. But you know those word have yet to be found. So let’s call off the search. I began to sit in silence knowing there truly were no words of comfort. I could quote scriptures, but honestly, I’m sure she knows them. I’m actually quite sure of it.

Instead I gave her a hug, a bear hug and we sat in silence. Silence is my best friend it allows me to hear God, and for Him to say what I can’t.  My subconscious simply said, “we all belong to you God, how comforting.”

I went about the day thinking I was normal, and okay. But I wasn’t. I seemed to have got buried in the midst of the many thoughts running through my brain, and tripping over each other. What will happen to her children, and how will her family cope with the unexpected? I honestly realized that we live prepared, and ready. So we like to think. Are we truly ready?

Sometimes longsuffering is part of the ready. Do we truly trust God, or do we want to trust Him? There is a difference. When something as tragic as this hits close to home you will know the answer. It is such a luxury to prepare for your future. It’s an eye opener for sure of what you will do with each minute God gives you. It’s funny when we think we’re healthy. We complain, procrastinate, have no plans, or real worries. We don’t know what we will do with time given to us.

But when we receive devastating news we pray and beg for life itself.  We suddenly know what to do with time if God grants it to us. So why wait for devastating news to knock? Live as Jesus would. Do you smile at a stranger? Do  you forgive your enemies? Do you dine with a stranger? Do you visit the broken in the hospital? Would you perform a random act of kindness to a total stranger? Did you tell your spouse you love them? Did you follow-up with the I love you with a kind gesture?

But are we strangers? Maybe among each other, but not to Christ. So what does that say about our love for one another? When you don’t hear or see a love one or sister/brother in Christ. Do you send them a note of concern or love? Or do you speculate what could be of him or her?

There is one truth found in this scripture: “Which of you by being anxious can add one cubit to His span of life?” Matthew 6:27

Suffering comes uninvited, without notice sometimes. So don’t go looking for it ,or the answers because God is giver of life and death, and no one can change His plans or will unless it’s part of His plan to begin with. So enjoy this moment, and cherish it and the people surrounding you, living with you, and crossing paths with you each day! Love thy neighbors is a commandment!

Remember to say, I love you and mean it. If you can’t say it and mean it then say, “God loves you.” to the person because that my friend is a fact that’s etched in blood.


I love you with the heart of God.